South Woodford Mosque Hustings

South Woodford Mosque Hustings

There will be a Hustings at South Woodford Mosque on the 27th April at 9.00pm  10-14 Mulberry Way, Southwoodford

Inshallah this blog will give you all the information you need to hold the Prospective Parliamentary Candidates to Account


Is Voting Permissable

Is Voting Permissible?

There is currently a debate on whether it is permissible to vote in the UK elections for Muslims. The debate is centered around whether voluntary participation is endorsement of a legislative system that creates Laws which are against the Sharia. And whether voting acheives anything.

Rather than delving into matters of Fiqh or Jurisprudence, I will the details to the Scholars.

There is a difference of opinon, but the overwhelming majority of Scholars and Jurists in the UK and Abroad are of the opinon that it is permissable to vote in the Elections under certain conditions.

The Endorsement of Voting by all major UK Islamic Bodies , most of the Islamic Organisations in the UK and Most of the Mosques is sufficient to IlfordNorthElections to also approve of Participation

Below is some links detailing the hundreds of Scholars, major Fiqh Councils and UK Islamic Organisations who have approved of Voting.  Those that state it is impermissible are a handful

CagePrisoners- Voting

Muslim Directory – Voting

Q-News is Voting Permissable

You Elect – UK Muslim Organisations

Is it permissible for Muslims to vote for kaafirs who seem to be less evil?.

Muslim taking part in elections with non-Muslims.

How Do I Register To Vote

How Do I Register To Vote

How Does Postal Voting Work?

How Do I apply for a Postal Vote?

If I can’t make it to the polls on election day, can I send someone to vote for me?

If you have any questions, make sure you are heard! Your vote matters. Email or get


This Blog has been created to inform Residents in the Ilford North Constituancy about the policies the interests of the PPC standing.

It focuses on the previous MP Lee Scott who stood for 5 years in Ilford North, and was supposed to represent the Community.  You decide for yourself. Did he represent the Community?

Lee Scott Zionst MP for Ilford North

Lee Scott Tory MP

Anti Muslim? Zionist?

You Decide

Do His Views Reflect Your Views?

Do His Interests Reflect Your Interests?

Lee Scott on Israel

“Perhaps the time has come for the MOD to look at other vehicles that would protect our troops better, such as the Namer , which is manufactured in Israel”

“A boycott [On Israel] can only be detrimental and, far from bringing peace will divide people”

“Perhaps we could see twinning [of universities] with that
facility [Bar Illan University] “

“..there is a very big difference between the taking of [Israeli] hostages, and people being held [In Israeli Dungeons] where their families can visit them, being fed, not being harmed and not being in distress”

Obviously Lee Scott was unaware of EDM117 on the Treatment of Palestinian Children in Israeli Prisons.  Because he didn’t sign it. One of dozens of EDMS aimed at recognizing the sufferings of Palestinians under Israel

“Iinking the word “Nazi” to Israel is unfortunately offensive….Israel has never and would never have concentration camps and would never do everything else that the Nazis did”

Defence Minister for Israel Matan Vilnai “Israel would create a Shoa [Holocaust]”
BBC David Wiley “Look at the conditions in Gaza, more and more it resembles a big concentration camp”

Lee Scott is a serving officer of the “Conservative Friends of Israel” and the “zionist federation

and is working hard for the Jewish Vote

Lee Scott EDM Record

Lee Scott EDM on Jewish and Muslim Issues

An early day motion (EDM), in the Westminster system, is a motion,expressed as a single sentence,[1] tabled by Members of Parliament for debate “on an early day” (namely an unspecific date in the future). Controversial EDMs won’t be signed by Government Ministers, PPS or the Speaker of the House of Commons and very few are debated on the floor of the Chamber of the House. EDMs remain open for signature for the duration of the parliamentary session.

EDMs can be tabled on matters ranging from trivial, even funny, topics to those of epoch-making importance

So why even though there are an estimated 18,000 Muslims in the Ilford North Constituancy that practically all the EDM that concern Muslims were not signed by Scott, whereas practically all the EDM’s that effect Jewish issues where signed by Lee Scott.

Which begs the question. Does he represent US?

EDM314 for the Restitution of art looted by the Nazis
EDM1872 International Holcaust Day to be remembered in Parliament
EDM461,EDM850 Condeming Anti-semitism in the UK and Facebook

EDM1641 Praising Israels “Stunning Victory” in the Six Days War

EDM1398 Condeming the UK for Not taking punitive action against Iran

Did Not Sign
EDM392 Congratulating the Establishment of Labour Friends of Palestine
EDM417 Calling for the Establishment of a Palestinan State
EDM89 Condemning Israeli Escalation of Violence in Gaza

EDM408 Expressing Outrage of Israels Overwhelming Disproportionate use of Force in Gaza

EDM117 Treatment of Palestinan Children in Israeli Prisons

EDM1617 Civilian Fatalities in the Gaza Strip

EDM400 British Arm Sales to Israel

EDM314 Calling for a contiguous and viable Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital

Lee Scott on UK Muslims

Lee Scott on Uk Muslims

“but I do not believe that, whatever the figure for how many Muslims in Britiain  support terrorism, this country’s foreign policy should be dictated by terrorists”

“I want to move on to talk about terrorism. I have worked closely for many years with the Muslim community of this country, and I passionately believe that most Muslim people in our country want peaceful co-existence with us.”

Notice how he uses in Our Country, and want peaceful co-existance with us.

Does Lee Scott see the Muslim community as alien to Britain not part of Britain.  Does he not know this is how the Jews were perceived? and why he would have been persecuted for having the family name Schuldberg – because people would have seen his family as the others.