Is Lee Scott a Self Hating Jew

Haven’t posted for some time, as Lee Scott has been remarkably quiet in his role as representative for Redbridge. It seems that he is a bit concerned at the frequency with which he managed to alienate many of his constituancy in his one man crusade for zionism. But true to form, whenever he does get off his rump he invariably jumps in with both feet.

So to summarise his rant at the all party debate on anti semitism.
1) we have the uncorroborated claims of being verbally assulted on his first day of campaigning (did wonders for his coverage) and an email , probably sent by one of his cronies.
But lets get to the heart of the matter. Lee Scotts claims of a viscious anti semetic attack by this blog and the leaflets associated with it . The blog only reference Lee Scotts public speaches , parliamentary debates and publicly available newspaper reports . does this mean that lee scott is claiming he has been subject to a viscous anti semetic attack by himself. lol. Surely he can’t be anti semetic as he is Jewish himself. The only conclusion is that he must be a Self hating Jew.

So lets look at some of his claims.
“A leaflet went out about me, saying that I was an enemy of Islam” So when Lee Scotts public record is exposed for all to see, highlighting his hate filled diatrabe against those that stand up for Palestine, this is anti semetic. Nothing to do with Lee Scotts words and actions (attacking Regents Park mosque, calling british Muslims alien, attacking palestinans, etc , etc), but everything to do with the fact he is Jewish. . You couldn’t make it up.

“The leaflet said that I had said that Britain should buy weapons from Israel. I did not say that.”
Are we playing with semantics here Lee?
““Perhaps the time has come for the MOD to look at other vehicles that would protect our troops better, such as the Namer , which is manufactured in Israel””

you can see a picture of the namer that Lee Scott wants the MOD to buy here
“The vehicle is armed with RAFAEL’s Mini-Samson Remotely Controlled Weapon Station with multi-sensor target acquisition systems. The system mounts a 12.7mm M2HB heavy machine gun, 7.62mm M246 machine gun or M19 40mm automatic grenade launcher. ”
No of course its not a weapon Lee, just like the israeli jets that were built just to take photos

and lastly, even i had to laugth at this one.
“Out of interest, the picture that was used on the leaflet seems to have me wearing a skull cap. Obviously, I wear a skull cap.”
And this is anti semitism? Has anyone told the Jewish Chronicles that they are Anti Semetic. Lol

Lee Scott - Cries Anti Semitism

Thank you, Ms Clark. I will try to be as brief as I possibly can.

I thank and pay tribute to John Mann and my hon. Friend Mike Freer for securing the debate. I particularly pay tribute to the hon. Member for Bassetlaw for everything that he does in his role as chairman of the all-party group against anti-Semitism.

A year ago in the corresponding debate to this one, I spoke about a recent visit that I had made thanks to that wonderful organisation, the Holocaust Educational Trust; I congratulate Karen Pollock of the trust on all the work that it does-long may it continue. I went with a group of students from my constituency to Auschwitz. Not long before that I had visited Theresienstadt, another of the concentration camps. When I was at Auschwitz, I shed tears at what I saw.

Little did I know then what I was in store for a few months later and today I will talk through what I personally experienced during the last general election. It was not something that I expected and I sincerely hope that the experience is not repeated for me, or any other candidate or Member of the House.

After a day of campaigning, I was walking back to my car when I was approached by two young gentlemen-I use the word “gentlemen” in its loosest sense-who said to me that I was a “Jewish pig” and “should die”. I have always been someone who has tended to use humour whenever I am particularly upset, so I said to them, “I’ll put you down as a possible. You haven’t quite made your mind up about how you are voting”. They were as shocked by that comment as I was to hear what was coming out of my mouth rather than running away and indeed they went. The significance of that incident was that they hated me because I was a Jew.

A fair number of my constituents-nearly a third-are Jewish. I also have Muslims, Christians and members of every other religion in my constituency and we live in harmony. It was not the first occasion that I have ever experienced anti-Semitism, but it was one of the first major occasions.

The anti-Semitism did not stop there; it got worse. A leaflet went out about me, saying that I was an enemy of Islam. I will briefly relay what else was said in that leaflet, which is on the internet if anyone wants to see it. People just need to google my name and the leaflet about me will come up. It said that I was an enemy of Islam because I had said in a speech-in fact, here in Westminster Hall-that President Ahmadinejad was a mad man. I stand by that comment. The leaflet said that I had said that no sane-minded person wanted war and that both Jew and Arab should live in peace but Israel had to be recognised as a country, with secure boundaries. Again, I stand by that comment. The leaflet said that I had said that Britain should buy weapons from Israel. I did not say that. Various other accusations were made in the leaflet, finishing with the claim that I was an enemy of Islam. Out of interest, the picture that was used on the leaflet seems to have me wearing a skull cap. Obviously, I wear a skull cap. I perhaps visit the synagogue a little more often than my hon. Friend Robert Halfon, but not as often as one should. None the less, that was the picture used, obviously showing that I am Jewish.

Also, I was the recipient of an e-mail saying that I should be stoned to death. I said that I could possibly accept it if someone did not elect me because they did not like me, but stoning me to death was a little on the extreme side. However, I am not ashamed to tell hon. Members that one night at home I sat down and cried. I was really upset by everything that had happened during the election campaign, which was not right. It is legitimate for someone to want to criticise someone else’s party or politics, but not their religion. I am proud to be a Member of Parliament, British and Jewish, and there is no conflict there whatsoever.


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