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Double Whammy – Lee Scott + Conservatives

If you vote for Lee Scott, not only do you get an MP, who is Zionist and Anti Muslim, but you get a party who has promised this to the zionist lobby.

The first pledge in the advertisement says that “universal jurisdiction will be amended at the earliest opportunity to enable Israelis to visit the UK”. Basically, this means that as soon as he is elected, Cameron will make Britain a playground for Israeli war criminals. The whole controversy around universal jurisdiction began when former Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni, a leading architect of Israel’s war against Gaza, was forced to cancel a trip to Britain after a London magistrate issued a warrant for her arrest on war crimes charges. The warrant was issued under the Geneva Conventions Act, which says that any person who has committed a violation of the Geneva Convention must be arrested if they enter Britain, no matter where in the world this violation took place. This is the principle of universal jurisdiction which the Tories want to change, solely for the benefit of the Israelis. After the arrest warrant was issued, an embarrassed David Miliband said that the government would look at changing current UK legislation in order to protect visiting Israelis from war crimes charges. To date, however, there have been no changes to British law, which is not in any case controversial and simply outlines Britain’s responsibilities under the Geneva Convention. Similar legislation exists in many other countries. It seems, however, that if, or when, Cameron becomes prime minister the laws will be changed. A quote from Edward Garnier, the Shadow Attorney General, confirms this: “The Tories will change the law if this government doesn’t. There is support for this from David Cameron and William Hague downwards. Our courts will not be used as the venue for street protest.”


Lee Scott Lobbies Charity Commission against Charity helping Palestine

Lee Scott and his Zionist lobby team have been lobbying The Charity Commission to stop War on Wants publishing its “guide for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel”

All our Mosques and Most of our organizations are Charities and subject to the Charity Commissions rules. With dozens of Charitable organizations throughout Redbridge all of which support divestment from Israel. One has to wonder that with another 5 years representing Ilford North as an MP in parliament, who Lee Scott and his Zionist Lobbying team will be targeting Next.

“John Hilary, campaigns and policy director at War and Want, dismissed Scott’s concerns as “misguided” and said the MP’s complaint was part of an ongoing strategy by a highly organised pro-Israel lobby to disrupt the charity’s Palestie campaigns by complaining about them to the regulator.

“People know that if they phone the commission, the commission’s role is to investigate complaints,” he said. “The commission knows this is the role of coordinated campaigns. They use the mechanisms of charity regulation to make life difficult for those defending Palestinians’ human rights.”

Courtesy of mostly harmless

Lee Scott Attacks Regents Park Mosque

Although this is article concerns the Channel 4 Dispatches Documentary on London Mosques. It is worth highlighting the prominent role Lee Scott played in attacking the Mosques.

For those who cannot Remember  the furor around the Program. Channel 4 placed undercover spies in London Mosques and secretly filmed conversations in the women sections and mens sections, and then selectively quoted statements out of place to portray a picture of extremism in the Mosques. Police and prosecutors made a formal complaint to OFCOM over the program.

Lee Scott Along with the usual supects was prominent in condemning the Mosques.

“I was appalled by some of the things we saw, it must be investigated, I want to know what this stuff was, and why it took a TV documentary to expose it. The mosque must know what is happening inside its building.” JC 18th Jan 2007

here is Abu Usamah’s  response to the investigation that Lee Scott our MP for Ilford North Condemned

Canvassing at Friday Jummah


This Friday is the last Friday Jummah before the elections.  We have had a concerted effort by the zionist lobbies to intimidate this campaign.  The Jewish Chronicles has spuriously tried to link our campaign with alleged threats against MP Lee Scott. Even though leaflets were handed out much later than the alledged offence.  All details in both the blog and leaflet are referenced by actual statements, speeches, signed edm’s and the voting record of Lee Scott in Parliament as recorded by the excellent site

We will not be intimidated. lee Scott is on his way out, and Inshallah will be looking for a new Job come the 7th May.

There are several mosques in the area that need to be covered including

a) South Woodford Mosque

b) Redbridge Mosque

c) Gants Hill Mosque

d) Hainault Mosque

and the church all on Mossford Green

Please Down the Leaflet – Lee Scott Leaflet and distribute to your friends and family.

Lee Scott – Hustings – Palestinans are Terrorists

I would like to thank Lee Scott.

Some Muslims in Ilford North where unaware of your stance on Israel and Palestine. But after watching this short clip , they will be left in no doubt whatsoever that you are a rabid zionist, and an islamaphobe.

And it is not the first time you have called the democratically elected Palestinian Government a terrorist organization. And it is not the first time you have defended the indefensible (the racist apartheid Israeli Regime)

No way can this man represent us for another 5 years.

“Whoever amongst you sees an evil, he must change it with his hand; if he is  unable to do so, then with his tongue; and if he is unable to do so, then with his heart; and that is the weakest form of Faith”.

Pass this video on and please download the leaflet and hand it out to all in Ilford North who want Justice for Palestine .

Download the Leaflet

Lee Scott Anti Muslim? Zionist?

As a side note, it was interesting to watch the body language of the priest. When Children say something they believe it is wrong to say, they put their hands over their mouths. In adults this is normally a more subtle gesture such as quick touch of the mouth.   This is not just seen with those that are speaking, but those that are next to them. When one child raises his hand to his mouth so do his peers.

There was no subtlety in the Priest putting his hand to his mouth. But Zionist Lee Scott was clearly speaking from his conviction.

Lee Scott – “Lie For Israel” Election Campaign

One wonders if Lee Scott is aware of the huge backlash against his support for just one section of the Ilford North Constituancy, whilst neglecting or even ignoring the interests of the 18,000 Muslim Community. Because instead of hitting the streets , he is busy campaigning in GOLDERS GREEN .

What is he doing in Golders Green you might Ask? Well what else does Lee Scott do, but put all his efforts into Supporting Israel. This time teaching 6th Formers to defend the indefensible. Israels horrific War Crimes and indifference to International Law.

Lee Scott - Lessons in how to lie for Israel

Lee Scott Lessons in how to Lie for Israel

Lee Scott is a serving officer of the “Conservative Friends of Israel” and the “zionist federation

and is working hard for the Jewish Vote

Call to Action

Another 5 Years of Lee Scott in Parliament attacking Palestine,  Lebanon, Iran and Muslims. 5 More Years of unconditional support for Israel, whilst paying lip service to a viable Palestinian State. 5 More Years of goading the UK to attack Iran and butcher thousands more women and children.

No Thank You.  It is time for Change.

The Elections are on the 6th May

We Need your support to let People Know about this war mongering “Conservative Friends of Israel”

Download our leaflets and spread the word. Change is Coming

Low Down on Lee Scott

The Alternative

Sonia Klein “Labour Friends of Palestine”

Alex Berhanu  Lib Dems