Lee Scott Lobbies Charity Commission against Charity helping Palestine

Lee Scott and his Zionist lobby team have been lobbying The Charity Commission to stop War on Wants publishing its “guide for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel”

All our Mosques and Most of our organizations are Charities and subject to the Charity Commissions rules. With dozens of Charitable organizations throughout Redbridge all of which support divestment from Israel. One has to wonder that with another 5 years representing Ilford North as an MP in parliament, who Lee Scott and his Zionist Lobbying team will be targeting Next.

“John Hilary, campaigns and policy director at War and Want, dismissed Scott’s concerns as “misguided” and said the MP’s complaint was part of an ongoing strategy by a highly organised pro-Israel lobby to disrupt the charity’s Palestie campaigns by complaining about them to the regulator.

“People know that if they phone the commission, the commission’s role is to investigate complaints,” he said. “The commission knows this is the role of coordinated campaigns. They use the mechanisms of charity regulation to make life difficult for those defending Palestinians’ human rights.”

Courtesy of mostly harmless


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