Canvassing at Friday Jummah


This Friday is the last Friday Jummah before the elections.  We have had a concerted effort by the zionist lobbies to intimidate this campaign.  The Jewish Chronicles has spuriously tried to link our campaign with alleged threats against MP Lee Scott. Even though leaflets were handed out much later than the alledged offence.  All details in both the blog and leaflet are referenced by actual statements, speeches, signed edm’s and the voting record of Lee Scott in Parliament as recorded by the excellent site

We will not be intimidated. lee Scott is on his way out, and Inshallah will be looking for a new Job come the 7th May.

There are several mosques in the area that need to be covered including

a) South Woodford Mosque

b) Redbridge Mosque

c) Gants Hill Mosque

d) Hainault Mosque

and the church all on Mossford Green

Please Down the Leaflet – Lee Scott Leaflet and distribute to your friends and family.


2 responses to “Canvassing at Friday Jummah

  1. This publicity is in violation of UK Election law and has been reported to the police.

  2. This Publicity is NOT in violation of UK Election Law. This Publication is entirely sourced from Lee Scotts written statements, Signed EDM’s, Speeches and Voting Record in Parliament which is documented in
    In addition this publication includes written statements by Lee Scott sourced from various newspapers, and video footage of Lee Scott in various Hustings.

    If the zionists don’t want Lee Scotts extremist views to be known to the Public they should have told him not to express them in Parliament.

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