Lee Scott – “Lie For Israel” Election Campaign

One wonders if Lee Scott is aware of the huge backlash against his support for just one section of the Ilford North Constituancy, whilst neglecting or even ignoring the interests of the 18,000 Muslim Community. Because instead of hitting the streets , he is busy campaigning in GOLDERS GREEN .

What is he doing in Golders Green you might Ask? Well what else does Lee Scott do, but put all his efforts into Supporting Israel. This time teaching 6th Formers to defend the indefensible. Israels horrific War Crimes and indifference to International Law.

Lee Scott - Lessons in how to lie for Israel

Lee Scott Lessons in how to Lie for Israel

Lee Scott is a serving officer of the “Conservative Friends of Israel” and the “zionist federation

and is working hard for the Jewish Vote


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