Lee Scott Zionst MP for Ilford North

Lee Scott Tory MP

Anti Muslim? Zionist?

You Decide

Do His Views Reflect Your Views?

Do His Interests Reflect Your Interests?

Lee Scott on Israel

“Perhaps the time has come for the MOD to look at other vehicles that would protect our troops better, such as the Namer , which is manufactured in Israel”

“A boycott [On Israel] can only be detrimental and, far from bringing peace will divide people”

“Perhaps we could see twinning [of universities] with that
facility [Bar Illan University] “

“..there is a very big difference between the taking of [Israeli] hostages, and people being held [In Israeli Dungeons] where their families can visit them, being fed, not being harmed and not being in distress”

Obviously Lee Scott was unaware of EDM117 on the Treatment of Palestinian Children in Israeli Prisons.  Because he didn’t sign it. One of dozens of EDMS aimed at recognizing the sufferings of Palestinians under Israel

“Iinking the word “Nazi” to Israel is unfortunately offensive….Israel has never and would never have concentration camps and would never do everything else that the Nazis did”

Defence Minister for Israel Matan Vilnai “Israel would create a Shoa [Holocaust]”
BBC David Wiley “Look at the conditions in Gaza, more and more it resembles a big concentration camp”

Lee Scott is a serving officer of the “Conservative Friends of Israel” and the “zionist federation

and is working hard for the Jewish Vote


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