Lee Scott on Iran

Lee Scott on Iran

“Finally, I turn to Iran. The biggest threat to the middle east, whether Israel or the other middle eastern countries, is Iran.”

“The vile regime in Iran has no regard for its innocent citizens, who want no part in what is going on, and it continues to meddle in other countries’ affairs and to threaten the very existence of other countries. Does my Hon. Friend agree that the time has come when measures must be taken to show that the rest of the world cannot and will not put up with those actions?”

Lee Scott signed the EDM900 “That this House notes the President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s declarations that `Israel should be wiped off the map’ and that the `Zionist regime of Israel will soon come to the end of its life’  Even though This is know to be a complete mistranslation and the Iranian President called for change in the Israeli Regime.  Does Lee Scott support war mongering

Lee Scott has also asked parliament on several occasions about Irans Nuclear
Programmes. Knowing full well Iran is in full compliance with the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, granting nations “Inalienable right” to use nuclear energy for electricity.



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