Lee Scott EDM Record

Lee Scott EDM on Jewish and Muslim Issues

An early day motion (EDM), in the Westminster system, is a motion,expressed as a single sentence,[1] tabled by Members of Parliament for debate “on an early day” (namely an unspecific date in the future). Controversial EDMs won’t be signed by Government Ministers, PPS or the Speaker of the House of Commons and very few are debated on the floor of the Chamber of the House. EDMs remain open for signature for the duration of the parliamentary session.

EDMs can be tabled on matters ranging from trivial, even funny, topics to those of epoch-making importance

So why even though there are an estimated 18,000 Muslims in the Ilford North Constituancy that practically all the EDM that concern Muslims were not signed by Scott, whereas practically all the EDM’s that effect Jewish issues where signed by Lee Scott.

Which begs the question. Does he represent US?

EDM314 for the Restitution of art looted by the Nazis
EDM1872 International Holcaust Day to be remembered in Parliament
EDM461,EDM850 Condeming Anti-semitism in the UK and Facebook

EDM1641 Praising Israels “Stunning Victory” in the Six Days War

EDM1398 Condeming the UK for Not taking punitive action against Iran

Did Not Sign
EDM392 Congratulating the Establishment of Labour Friends of Palestine
EDM417 Calling for the Establishment of a Palestinan State
EDM89 Condemning Israeli Escalation of Violence in Gaza

EDM408 Expressing Outrage of Israels Overwhelming Disproportionate use of Force in Gaza

EDM117 Treatment of Palestinan Children in Israeli Prisons

EDM1617 Civilian Fatalities in the Gaza Strip

EDM400 British Arm Sales to Israel

EDM314 Calling for a contiguous and viable Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital


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