Is Voting Permissable

Is Voting Permissible?

There is currently a debate on whether it is permissible to vote in the UK elections for Muslims. The debate is centered around whether voluntary participation is endorsement of a legislative system that creates Laws which are against the Sharia. And whether voting acheives anything.

Rather than delving into matters of Fiqh or Jurisprudence, I will the details to the Scholars.

There is a difference of opinon, but the overwhelming majority of Scholars and Jurists in the UK and Abroad are of the opinon that it is permissable to vote in the Elections under certain conditions.

The Endorsement of Voting by all major UK Islamic Bodies , most of the Islamic Organisations in the UK and Most of the Mosques is sufficient to IlfordNorthElections to also approve of Participation

Below is some links detailing the hundreds of Scholars, major Fiqh Councils and UK Islamic Organisations who have approved of Voting.  Those that state it is impermissible are a handful

CagePrisoners- Voting

Muslim Directory – Voting

Q-News is Voting Permissable

You Elect – UK Muslim Organisations

Is it permissible for Muslims to vote for kaafirs who seem to be less evil?.

Muslim taking part in elections with non-Muslims.


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