Call to Action

Another 5 Years of Lee Scott in Parliament attacking Palestine,  Lebanon, Iran and Muslims. 5 More Years of unconditional support for Israel, whilst paying lip service to a viable Palestinian State. 5 More Years of goading the UK to attack Iran and butcher thousands more women and children.

No Thank You.  It is time for Change.

The Elections are on the 6th May

We Need your support to let People Know about this war mongering “Conservative Friends of Israel”

Download our leaflets and spread the word. Change is Coming

Low Down on Lee Scott

The Alternative

Sonia Klein “Labour Friends of Palestine”

Alex Berhanu  Lib Dems


One response to “Call to Action

  1. It was the zionist organisations that introduced the weapon of terrorism in Palestine soon after the 2nd world war and now the whole world is suffering by their wicked and satanic invention (terrorism). The proof is the creation of Israel – it is not born through peaceful means – but through murder, arson and other violent means of which the civilian population was unaware of at that time. To confirm this read book by David Bengorian. Do not forget Jesus (pbuh) said “Those who live by sword shall perish by sword”

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